TRUMPETMASTER.COM Trumpet resources, forms, chats and world wide trumpet information.

JAZZINAZ.ORG The website for JazzInAz, Arizona's advocate for jazz activities and jazz education. The electronic newsletter lists all known jazz venues in the area along with information on HOW TO JOIN. On the homepage, check out Education and "How Cool Is Jazz". This program brings jazz education to elementary school students. Awesome!

KJZZ 91.5 FM A must listen to radio station by a wide variety of audiences. Great jazz sounds throughout the night- Interviews and comments cementing Valley listeners to the local jazz scene. Play list of jazz giants is endless.

TRUMPETHERALD.COM Online resource with marketplace and forums

INTERNATIONALTRUMPETGUILD.ORG Professional organization for trumpet players

ARIZONA MUSIC EDUCATORS ASSCOCIATION The National Association for Music Education in Arizona

The Arizona connection for music and musicians!

FRIENDS OF BIG BAND JAZZ World class trumpeter and educator MIKE VAX and his big band featuring alumni of the Stan Kenton Orchestra support jazz and jazz education. Among their activities is the great Prescott Jazz Summit. Check the site for details.

JAZZ EDUCATION NETWORK Dedicated to building the jazz arts community.

ROBERT Mc KEON DESIGN Award winning Graphic Designer and Head Wrangler of Stuff- Active gig drummer in Phoenix area.